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        About us

        who we are

        A content factory
        with 50 years of

        Mondo TV began life as a widely admired third-party film distributor. Fifty years later, as a group of independent companies, it is one of the largest European producers of animated content, both in-house and as a production partner. It has a strong and growing licensing division. And it still a major name in distribution, with a library containing many thousands of hours of classic entertainment.
        The holding company, Mondo TV S.p.A, listed on the Milan stock exchange, is headquartered in Rome and specialises in the international co-production, production and distribution of animated content. Mondo TV Iberoamerica is listed on the Madrid stock exchange and manages the Tenerife-based pre-production hub Mondo TV Producciones Canarias, which is now part of its ongoing involvement in the production and distribution of animation and also of live content. Mondo TV France in Paris and Mondo TV Suisse in Lugano are active in the production and distribution of animated television series.
        The Mondo TV Group as a whole combines in-house productions with a programme of strategic alliances that allow it to co-produce successful series across the world and for the world. Today Mondo focuses on many opportunities – from animation to drama to reality TV for kids, teens and families – across a large number of media and business channels, including linear TV, OTT and streaming.
        The licensing division opened in 2010 and works with the most prestigious brands in the business, notably in Italy and Iberia, the Group’s core markets. The opening of a new CGI production centre, with the aim of regularly creating 3D productions, is another step on the road to founder Orlando Corradi’s dream of creating a fully integrated company, one that can claim a global leadership position in the creation, distribution and licensing of IPs.

        Our beliefs


        but with a global focus


        but never taken for granted


        but also people-centric and caring


        but with a strong vision for tomorrow



        A competitive production hub

        We offer pre-production, visual development and 3D CGI animation from Mondo TV Producciones Canarias, our best-in-class European production studios in Tenerife.

        Strategic alliances

        We can guarantee partnerships based on quality, creativity and innovation underpinned by trust, ethics and transparency.

        Financially sound

        The group ranks among the top five European majors with four independent listed companies. We have assets worth over 60 million euros and no debt. That means we are free to make long-term investments.

        Dynamic and lean

        We’re a family-run group. We don’t waste time. We react quickly to change.

        Worldwide distribution

        We started in distribution 50 years ago. We’re now a leading proponent of a 360° approach to property management. We don’t just build TV series – we build franchises.

        Our Milestones