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        Produced by:?MONDO TV S.p.A – MOPI-METEO EXPERT

        MetetoHeroes is an action-packed, funny and thrilling show that addresses issues like fighting climate change, ecology and respect for nature through the amazing adventures of six children who transform into superheroes with power over the weather. It’s an important message delivered in a fun, engaging way in a series full of adventure and comedy that helps young viewers understand the issues and learn how they can help the planet through the adventures of six amazing kids who are just like them!

        super powers | working together | multiethnic & inclusive | fighting pollution | saving planet earth | ecology | superheroes | environment

        adventure | comedy | light edutainment

        upper preschool

        S1 52 X 7 ‘

        Rights availability

        media distribution | consumer products


        S1 in production
        eps 1-26 available
        eps 27-52 by March 2021


        english, italian